Early Life and Education:

Angellos I. Malefakis is a Greek-American photographer who was born in Pyrgos, Greece.

Mr. Malefakis is a Gulf War veteran of the US Air Force who grew up in Jamaica, NY. He has a BS in Management Studies from the University of Maryland, an AA in Information Management from the College of the Air Force, and a Paralegal Certificate from the University of North Texas.

His foray into the arts is in part the result of his upbringing in NYC. More specifically, his older brother is an accomplished artist and a working architect with the US Navy Exchange. His younger sister was also an accomplished artist in her own right who won a scholarship to go to Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. Consequently, the competition within the family was intense, but Mr. Malefakis kept loosing to both due to his learning disability. The one arena that he did however excel above all else was in the athletic arena where he found solitude, growth, and comfort in running long distance races.

His passion in photography did not take off till his purchase of a Canon 35mm while stationed with the US Air Force at Hellenikon AFB in Athens, Greece in 1987-1990. However, his photography since his filming the tranquility of the Aegean and the beauty of Greece took a backseat when he left Greece and the US military in 1995. Teaching, career, and family were at the forefront.

Angellos and David Del Tredici

Photography became a priority once again when he met Pulitzer prize winning composer David Del Tredici. The “pioneer” of the Neo-Romantic movement opened Angellos world as no one else has beore and since. Angello’s filmed David at every concert, every trip, every moment that they were together. End result, since that fateful meeting with David on New Years 2011, Angello’s pursuit of photography has grown to new heights and levels.

Artist Statement:

Photography ignites my senses for living. It allows me to capture special moments, at special times to be seen afterwards again and again. When I photograph my subjects, I feel like a child. My though process runs the gamut of analyzing the mood, the setting, the moment, the light, etc. Nothing is left unanssuming. Everything is analyzed down to the smallest detail. I know what I want when I see it. Many times, I can’t explain it to others in words. To me, photography is a passion, an intellectual process at work. For me it is not really about the subject. It is capturing that special moment in a photograph. As a result, my photographs are original, that stand the test of time.

All of my photographs are shot in digital and my first priority is to always print in black and white. Black and white to me, show a feeling of emotion. Color is only used when it magnifies my subject beyond the ordinary with colors that make you feel as if you want to be transformed in time. In the end, I want the public to see my photographs as a movement, a reaction. A thinking mens approach to shooting subjects.

Finally, due to the impact that composer David Del Tredici has had on my life. The majority of my photographs have been of him, and about him going through his daily routine of composing, eating, going to concerts, working out, etc. In turn, I am there to capture every special moment. All due to the fact that I find David is both interesting and complex, an original, and a trailblazer in his own right.


Mr. Malefakis currently resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado and lives with his partner Shane Douglas who is an ice skating coach, and their Australian Sheep Dog “Princess.” Additionally, Angellos stays busy with racing bicycles, climbing, hiking, and swimming long distances, Finally, he continues to maintain three (3) Facebooks pages; David Del Tredici beloved opera “Dum Dee Tweedle,” “Veterans for Veterans,” and “Photography by Angellos Ioannis Malefakis.”